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Medical Gas Manifolds
  • Medical Gas ManifoldsMedical Gas Manifolds
  • Medical Gas ManifoldsMedical Gas Manifolds
  • Medical Gas ManifoldsMedical Gas Manifolds
  • Medical Gas ManifoldsMedical Gas Manifolds
  • Medical Gas ManifoldsMedical Gas Manifolds

Medical Gas Manifolds

We provide an attractive,cheap and support customization Weclearmed Medical gas manifold in the power factory, and we have spent many years on the China Medical gas manifold, and Medical gas manifolds have been sold to many countries. Weclearmed Medical gas manifold is developed and developed, which can be monitored by gas flow in the ward. Because of the good performance of Medical gas manifold, the sales annual record, but the inventory is sufficient.We are honored to be your partner in China.


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Product Description

Medical Gas manifolds Introduction

Medical Gas manifolds is mainly used to transport oxygen and ensure smooth breathing of patients and is mainly used in the medical and industrial sectors.Medical Gas manifolds is made by Steel Plate, excellent quality, pipe joint thread of Medical gas manifold is square shape, can be customized according to customer requirements. Medical Gas manifolds is suitable for oxygen, air, nitrogen, laughing gas, carbon dioxide and other most gases, can be connected to cylinder, Dua, etc. by tier pole,with alarm function.

Medical Gas manifolds Parameter

Product name Manifold Color White customized
Size 50*60*21cm Gross weight 60kg
Characteristic With alarm function, remote alarm Gas type Oxygen, air, laughing gas, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, vacuum,etc
Left/Right input pressure 0.4~15Mpa Output pressure 0.3~1.0Mpa(Adjustable)
Nominal flow rate >100M3/h Pipe joint thread M33*2(can be made according to requirements)
Switching pressure 0.6~1Mpa(can be set) Switching time 3S
Operating voltage 24VDC Working current 250mA
Cylinder residual air pressure after use up <0.8Mpa Other    

Medical Gas manifolds Feature And Application

Medical Gas manifolds is a fully closed metal box, anti-interference, with a digital display screen, the interface is more digital, human.Medical Gas manifolds is more clever in the manufacturing process. Medical Gas manifolds realizes man-machine interaction. The design of the outlet pressure is adjustable so that the user is more relaxed and does not need to pay attention to the pressure at all times.Medical Gas manifolds meet manufacturing standards and have no safety hazards. What's more, we have excellent after-sales service, no matter what the problem of the product, you can find us, we will solve the problem for you.

Medical Gas manifolds Details

Medical Gas manifolds is an important part of the oxygen supply system. Medical Gas manifolds adopts a fully closed metal box with built-in high-purity medical brass fittings.Medical Gas manifolds is suitable for most gases. Box surface with LCD display screen, double 3D animation display, touch screen with easy operation, and remote control, equipped with sound and light alarm device, to achieve human-computer interaction, is a quality assurance product. Medical Gas manifolds can be used in cylinder, liquid oxygen, oxygen generator, and oxygen, air, nitrous oxide, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other most gases.

1. First-stage decompressor: the upper limit of intake pressure is 20Mpa and the pressure is reduced to 1.5Mpa
2. The two-stage decompressor reduces the pressure from 1.5Mpa to 0.35~0.7Mpa
3. High voltage sensor: connected with the LCD motherboard through the wire, sense the pressure, once the pressure is detected below the set limit value, it will transmit signals to the LCD motherboard, stimulate the alarm sound and light alarm;
4 pressure gauge: in the case of power failure, the LCD screen can not work, mechanical pressure gauge can be used to read data directly.
5. Solenoid valve: used to control both sides of the gas on and off, can also be forcibly switched through the LCD screen. Normally only one side can be opened, the left side first. Meet special circumstances, such as power failure, both sides of the valve at the same time open, do uninterrupted air supply;
6. Left and right air intakes: both ends are connected with oxygen generator, cylinder or liquid oxygen. The air inlet pressure is generally 1-20Mpa, and the default thread of pipe interface is M33*2 (can be customized).
7. Hydraulic elastic rod: can pop out when opening the box, so that people can save more effort when opening the box, and play a fixed role, in the box has been opened to stabilize the box cover, prevent falling injury;
8.DG4 globe valve: used for outlet switch function, convenient maintenance of solenoid valve and other air routes;
9. One-way valve: This valve is a one-way valve to prevent gas backflow;
10. Air outlet: The gas is finally discharged from the air outlet into the main pipe.
11. Inner discharge safety valve: When the pressure in the high-pressure decompression chamber is too high, the safety valve will automatically open and automatically close after discharging excess gas to ensure the safety of the manifold.
12. External relief valve: When the inner relief valve cannot meet the demand, the external relief valve will be started and the excess gas will be discharged to the outside of the chassis.
Note: Lifetime warranty, all can be customized

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