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Production workshops actively carry out publicity and education activities


Production workshop actively study and implement, hard work, effectively interpret the "cost of science and technology, science and technology progress, science and technology innovation" development and construction concept. One is the word. The workshop director personally organized the lectures, gave general speeches to the team leaders, technicians and front-line staff, combined with the actual workshop, detailed training on production safety, accident handling, inspection charter, measures plan, rules and regulations, performance assessment and other contents, to achieve ideological unity. The second is teaching by example. The workshop director went to the front line of the shift team and led the staff to the charter aircraft area under their jurisdiction. From the perspectives of charter responsibility, inspection content, record filing, problem feedback and circulation, the workshop director made on-the-spot comments and found out the methods and measures in place. Third, early warning. The workshop faces the maintenance and repair of production line machinery, but also undertakes all kinds of technical reform measures at all levels, and the task is complicated and heavy. In order to ensure the safety of production, the workshop implements accident anticipation, develops the emergency handling plan, and achieves psychological and measures to be prepared and respond. Fourth, the system. The workshop is reorganized to perfect the division of labor between sections, improve the equipment standard, and strive to standardize the behavior with the system. Fifth, assessment. In accordance with the sound system, rules and regulations, strict performance assessment, to reward the good and punish the bad, encourage zunzhang Shouji, advocate Lefen pay, create a positive and ambitious work atmosphere. Sixth, to dig potential. Promote the progress of frequency conversion energy saving transformation projects, and use scientific and technological forces to reduce costs and increase efficiency. At the same time, expand the scope of repairing and recycling, and continue to pay attention to the repair and circulation of accident components. Continue to implement the shortened process chain, shorten the signal process chain, shorten the accident outside the chain, dig the character, equipment potential, contribute to stable and high yield! The following is a summary of my workshop publicity report work, the purpose is to seek a breakthrough, to achieve greater results!