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What are the daily emergency measures of medical oxygen supply system


Understand what is the emergency procedure of medical oxygen supply. Emergency things are things that should be known in medical oxygen supply. This is what we need to know. Speaking of medical oxygen supply, we are familiar with it, so we should also learn about it. There is relevant knowledge about emergency medical oxygen supply.

If there is a general oxygen use failure, report to the person in charge of the medical oxygen supply by phone, and cooperate with the repair according to the failure situation.
The company provides technical support or comes to the hospital for emergency repairs. When emergencies such as fire, explosion, oxygen pipeline burst, and oxygen supply interruption occur in the centralized oxygen supply, report to the hospital leader or the hospital emergency work leading group in time, start the emergency plan, and then report the incident according to the time, location, scope and degree of damage, casualties, the number of critically ill patients and other specific circumstances to deploy and arrange medical rescue, emergency repairs and other related emergency work. Depending on the accident situation, close the gas supply valve, the Oxygen Regulator switch, cut off the power supply, use fire extinguishing equipment, etc., to reduce the loss to this low. The medical department, the nursing department, the pharmacy department, the equipment department, the general affairs department, the security department and other departments, under the unified command and coordination of the hospital emergency work leading group and the leaders in charge of the hospital, convene relevant personnel to actively invest in medical treatment, on-site disposal, and emergency supplies Supply, communication, fault repair, logistics and technical support and other emergency rescue work. The clinical department should be equipped with a quantity of bottled oxygen and supporting equipment related to the oxygen supply system, such as pressure gauges, humidification bottles, connecting pipes, etc., and a set of installation wrenches for emergency use in case of medical oxygen supply failure.

Summarize the experience and lessons of medical oxygen supply, carefully analyze the causes of emergencies, revise the rules and regulations and emergency plans, strengthen education and management, and strictly implement emergency measures to avoid similar accidents or failures.

The emergency of medical Oxygen Regulator supply is a relevant situation that we need to know. We should know this in our daily life. With the continuous rise of labor costs, people have stricter requirements on product accuracy, and enterprises have more and more requirements for efficiency. The higher the level, the emergency related matters of medical oxygen supply are worthy of our attention next.