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General requirements for terminals of medical gas pipelines for central oxygen supply


eneral requirements for terminal of medical gas pipeline for central oxygen supply:

1, security: in the normal state and single fault state, the terminal will not be higher than the risk management accepted level of risk, nor can there be risks unrelated to the expected application.
2, optional structure: the terminal equipment and parts have strict production process and requirements, manufacturers need to provide relevant evidence of the same safety according to the requirements.
3, material: in the normal process of use, the material of the terminal equipment needs to be flame retardant, corrosion resistance, and compatible with oxygen and other gases.
4. Design requirements: terminal equipment should meet the daily demand of gas according to the supply pressure of medical gas. For different gases, special gas connection points for each pressure should be equipped.
5. Gas special connection port: each terminal shall contain a gas special connection port, which is only connected to the connection suitable for the gas.
6, terminal inspection valve: the valve control oxygen supply source and terminal connection, when the insert, automatically open the gas supply, pull out the insert, automatically close the gas supply.
7, terminal maintenance valve: the valve can be automatic or manual.
8. Socket: it can be used to connect the equipment horizontally or vertically, and the socket needs durability.
9, electrical requirements: in accordance with the relevant national regulations, and equipotential connection device connection method to install.
10, structure requirements: all terminal equipment to meet the national requirements for cleaning, and the need for regular maintenance.