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How to deal with the failure of medical equipment belt in use


Hospital ward medical equipment belt is an important facility of hospital life support system. The equipment belt will encounter some faults in use, so how to deal with it?

1. If a fault is found on the device, immediately check the cause of the fault.
2. If the oxygen of the oxygen absorption device is unstable, it is necessary to check whether there is air leakage phenomenon and contact technical personnel for maintenance.
3, suction device pressure is insufficient: check whether the center supply pressure is insufficient, contact the maintenance room.
4, the socket is not powered: check whether the main switch with the power supply of the device is open.
5, no response when the pager rings: check whether the pager is turned off the volume.
6, if the above fault can not be eliminated, timely report to the head nurse.
7, immediately notify the maintenance team for maintenance.